What is IVF? Fertilization outside of the body. Doctors combine good quality sperm and good quality eggs in an IVF Lab. IVF is a basic form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Procedure.

Why do you do IVF? When fertilization doesn’t happen naturally or through IUI because of certain defects, IVF is suggested.

What is the IVF Procedure?

  1. Preparation for IVF:
    Correct BMI of woman
    Do a Hormone Assay for the woman
    Based on BMI and hormone assay, an Ovarian Stimulation Protocol is custom made for the woman in order to induce ovulation
    Ovulation Induction drugs/injections are given to get more number good quality eggs.
  2. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation: The ovary is stimulated by a proper, tailor-made Ovarian Stimulation Protocol. The aim is to get the optimal number of good quality eggs.
  3. Oocyte is retrieved from the female by a procedure called Ovum-Pick-Up which is done under short General Anesthesia (GA).
  4. Good quality sperms are selected, and a good number of them are collected.
  5. The sperms and eggs are immediately given to the IVF Lab. In the lab the eggs and sperms will be put in a petri dish, in a media similar to the female fallopian tubal fluid, and the sperm will fertilize the egg by itself.
  6. The fertilized egg will become an embryo. After 3-5 days, the live embryo will be transferred directly into the uterus of the woman.

*IVF Lab: The IVF Lab is a quality control bio-laboratory where live microorganisms like the oocyte (Egg), Spermatozoa (sperm), and embryos (fertilized egg) are handled. It is a very meticulous and delicate task because everything must be live until the end of the procedure, their quality must be assured, and their viability must be protected.

The inability to conceive isn’t always a problem of low sperm quality or a weak egg. There are several complex problems arises inside our reproductive parts that restrict the complete procedure of reproduction. From physical damage to nerves to blockage in some arteries, a man and a woman can face these issues at any point in their life, without acknowledging any prior symptom about it. To gather every minute detail and the corresponding treatment procedure, you must look out IVF treatment. Now, there is one clinic that is well-known for providing the best IVF treatment in Chennai, i.e. Palani Bajaj.

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