Testicular Biopsy

What is a Testicular Biopsy? When a sample of tissue is taken from your testes for analysis.

Why is Testicular Biopsy done? It is done to help diagnose the cause of no sperm (azoospermia). Whether the Azoospermia is true or obstructive.



What is the Testicular Biopsy Procedure?

  1. Local Anesthetic is given to numb the area
  2. A small cut is made through the skin of the scrotum.
  3. A tiny piece of testicular tissue is removed. The removed tissue is examined for sperm. If sperm is present, it is obstructive azoospermia, if there is no sperm it is true azoospermia.
  4. A single stich is used to close the cut in the testicle, and another one is used to close the cut. The procedure is very short.

Semen is one of the most important requirements for the reproduction process. Its overall health denotes its strength to pierce the egg inside the ovary, therefore making an embryo. Now, due to some physical damage such nerve obstruction or low sperm production, the quantity and quality of semen get affected. In today’s date, there are ways through which a person can know about the current conditions of its semen and the popular one is Testicular Biopsy. Testicular biopsy is a unique process that can identify either blockage or non-creation of sperm in your testicles.

Many clinics conduct a testicular biopsy in Chennai but the one clinic that has the most advanced equipment to gather every piece of information regarding your sperm health and, i.e. Palani Bajaj.

This complicated procedure is undergone under the supervision of some of the highly experienced surgeons. It is a complicated procedure, but Palani Bajaj assures to provide the minute detail report and the corresponding treatment for recovery. These doctors will make a small incision on the scrotum to cut tissue and seal it properly. The whole biopsy operation takes a few minutes and patients are given enough time to recover.

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